Personalized Low Ball with Shot Set-Jag Bomb Set

Personalized Low Ball with Shot Set-Jag Bomb Set

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Bomb shots have become an innovative way to drink mixed drinks and cocktails. This alcoholic cocktail had been popularized by bartenders as an ingenious way to lure people in enjoying drinks. With a Personalized Low Ball w/Shot Set-Jag Bomb Set, you can now prepare and enjoy bomb shots at your own space without the need for a flair man or tapsters.

The Personalized Low Ball w/Shot Set-Jag Bomb Set includes two low ball glasses and two small shot glasses. The low ball glasses may be used for the old fashion way to enjoy booze. Just pour whiskey or brandy neat or on the rocks and you are ready to go. The broad opening of the glasses allows the drinker to enjoy the aroma of the spirit before knocking the shot back. These glasses, which can be personalized with your single initial, can hold up to 8 ounces of your favorite hard stuff.

For a more creative shot, you can create bomb shots using the set. Simply fill the small glass with another type of liqueur and drop it down into the low ball glass that is partially filled with a cold one, a non-alcoholic drink or different liquor.

You can create the classic boiler maker by dropping a shot of whisky into a brewskie. Or you can create the popular jager bomb, which involves dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of energy drink.

The concoctions you can create are practically limitless. But it’s worthwhile to try some bomb shots that have been proven groovy and hip such as the Irish Car Bomb, the Flaming Dr. Pepper, the Skittle bomb and the Sake bomb.

With Personalized Low Ball w/Shot Set-Jag Bomb Set, you can instantly be an alcohol chef and transform your drinks with more fun and creativity.

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