Personalized Black Leather Money Clip Wallet & Credit Card Holder

Personalized Black Leather Money Clip Wallet & Credit Card Holder

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Finding gifts for men may be difficult.  But you can never go wrong with the Personalized Black Leather Money Clip Wallet Holder. This item makes a perfect present for your father, husband, brother or male friend on any occasion. 

This leather money clip is used to hold cash and credit cards in a compact manner. It features a customizable silver monogram that can bear the initials of your loved one. The personalized emblem not only allows for immediately determining ownership.  Moreover, it provides its owner with a sense of individuality and a tinge of luxury.

  • Measurement: 3" x 4" x 5".
  • FREE Personalization: 3 initial monogram
  • Orders Processed: 2-3 business days.

Money clips were previously considered fancy luxury items favored by the rich and famous.  Today, however, they have become the ideal way to carry cash around. As the modern world increasingly turns into a cashless society, credit cards and similar alternative modes of payment have done away with the need to carry wads of cash in the pocket.  People only need a debit or a credit card to make purchases or payments. And since some merchants still lack facilities for cashless payments, a bit of cash may always come in handy.

And this precisely is the reason behind the Money Clip Wallet. It reins in on bulk. It obliges men to streamline the items to carry.   One or two credit cards and a few bank notes is all that he needs. And these fit perfectly well in a money clip wallet.

A money clip wallets are purposely designed to be sleek and slim. Your man can suitably insert it easily in his shirt pocket, breast pocket or slacks pocket. In contrast, carrying a bundle of cash, cards and other documents jam-packed in a wallet can mess up his style.  The bulky wallet creates a bulge in the buttocks or sags his suit or his blazers. It is also cumbersome and awkward to its pullout from unwieldy pockets. 

The money clip also gives your man easier access to pull out his cash or card.  The wallet can be quickly retrieved from the pocket. Bank notes can swiftly be taken out from the clasp.  And that’s exactly how you would like your man to be. In paying the bills, you want him to look smart, elegant and snappy.