About Atlea Gifts

At Atlea Gifts, we realize that people love gifts that are personalized, something that says " I'm yours and you are mine". Many folks don't know where to find such gifts and are left giving that special someone some random gift that doesn't show the depth of care and affection they have.

Throughout history, people have loved the feeling that comes from receiving gifts that highlight how special they are. Our mission at Atlea Gifts is to help our customers find a meaningful gift to bestow on their friends and relatives.

At our core, Atlea Gifts operates on creativity, passion, charity, and impact. Our promise to deliver high-quality personalized gifts is unmatched by anyone in this industry.

We are unique because we are made up of people who think outside the box and who genuinely want to help others.

This e-commerce site was designed for, and is dedicated to my two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Thea. In fact the name of the site "Atlea" is a combination of both names.  As a parent, most of the things I do are because of my two beautiful daughters. This online store is no exception.

Right from an early age, my daughters have displayed endearing qualities that make me thankful for the wonderful blessings they are. Alexis was 12 years old when I discovered her entrepreneurial energy.

Unlike the greedy and selfish entrepreneurs that populate the commercial space, Alexis and Thea want to make a difference and help people. At age 14, Alexis started baking different types of cookies and selling these to hospitals. This venture has earned her thousands of dollars.

Both of my girls love arts and crafts. Thus it's no surprise that our site features arts and crafts for all occasions. Each of these items are made with love, dedication, and care. From wedding favors to personalized gifts for your friends, parents, and grandparents, our site is your one stop destination for arts and crafts. Right now, we sell awesome personalized gifts but soon we will wade into creative arts and craft related gift items.

Aside from providing a wider market for our arts and crafts, I have also created this wonderful website to help my daughters grow as individuals and become self-sufficient, independent, and beautiful women. This website will help them see how non-conventional means, "thinking outside the box" , is beneficial in today's ever evolving society. Having their own website, at a relatively early age will inculcate in them a mindset that is independent of mental crutches. They will not fall into the trap of an "employee mentality".

As portions of any sales made are donated to different charitable causes, it builds in them an appreciation for the blessings they have and the importance of giving to others : qualities that are necessary for a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Many folks have an innate fear of starting out on their own, getting their own business, and not relying on a job and the government. Building this online store for my girls will help them break free, at an early age, from the trap of dependence.

The Atlea Gifts Web Store aims to help customers find something that has a personal touch and bestow it on close friends and relatives. We believe that these personalized gifts will be fondly remembered for years to come, even when you are gone.

We offer a wide range of personalized items for different important occasions. From Mother's Day to Father's Day, to Christmas and graduations, to anniversaries and weddings, you can be sure to find something that suits your needs. Even your guests are not left out. We have the perfect gift to give to members of a wedding party or the guests that honor the invitation.

Right now, Atlea Gifts offers a range of products from drinking flasks and smoking related gifts to travel bags, custom jewelry, monogrammed totes, and more.  While we have started with these, I envisage a future where we will create more craft related gift items.

We are not just concerned about making profits. At Atlea Gifts, every purchase made, every gift bought aside from coming with free shipping and personalities, will have a percentage of the proceeds going to Wishes & More, a non-profit organization that supports kids with terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

You are welcome to do business with us. Myself, Alexis and Thea are eager to help you create memorable moments for your friends, colleagues, clients, loved ones and relations.