Personalized Leatherette Wallet
Personalized Leatherette Wallet

Personalized Leatherette Wallet

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A wallet is an accessory that everyone needs. It carries things that when lost will create a big hassle to one’s life. It carries IDs, credit card, cash, pictures, and other documents, which are important to the daily activities in life.

As such, wallets are highly personal articles and most people prefer personally choosing or buying their own wallets. The personalized Leatherette Wallet, however, removes the worry or unease of purchasing a wallet for someone else. It makes the best wallet gifts because they are precisely made to be personal. It allows the owner’s initials to be stamped in the wallet to provide identity and personality to its owner.

The personalized Leatherette wallet also comes in four different colors to choose from. It allows you to select from these four various styles to match the preference or persona of the person to whom you are giving it as a gift.

Finally, the synthetic material makes the personalized leatherette wallet for the long haul. The faux suede leather makes it less permeable to protect the wallet from water damage. This also prevents its contents especially paper bills and documents from getting damped.

Synthetic leather material is also easier to clean because it is stain resistant. It does not have the stench of animal scent. And because it is suede, the wallet has that swish feel and embellished appearance that makes it an elegant and chic accessory.

The personalized leatherette Wallet makes the best personal gift for family and friends. It creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. This accessory is something that the receiver will always be carrying for a long period of time and thus will always remember its giver.

  • Measurement: Measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2".
  • FREE Personalization: 3 initials.
  • Orders Processed: 2-3 business days.