Personalized Gunmetal Round Cufflinks

Personalized Gunmetal Round Cufflinks

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Elegance is the style that never fades. And one way for men to achieve elegance is to be well dressed and neat through the use of cufflinks. Give that special man a set of personalized gunmetal round cufflinks to tidy up his outfit and keep him looking good.

  • Measurement: Measures 5/8" (diameter) by 1" in length
  • FREE Personalization: 3 characters
  • Orders Processed: 2-3 business days

In shopping for cufflinks, it is important to choose a set that fits with the person's overall personality and outfit. And nothing matches one’s personality more than a personalized item. The personalized gunmetal cuff links have a front face which can feature the initials of your loved one.  It can be his name, nickname, alias or a term of endearment you use. Monogrammed accessories come hand in hand with a tailor fit formal suit.  

Personalized gunmetal cufflinks are decorative accessories used to bond the extra pleat of sleeves in a man’s shirt.  Keeping cuffs fixed and in order helps one to look neat and smart. It leans on the halo effect that a man who looks competent and smart is most probably competent and smart. In a word, it helps your man to make the right first impression. 

As an accessory, these cufflinks are made of red brass which is the alloy used for making jewelry. Originally used for making guns for its corrosion resistant properties, brass is used to make custom jewelry for its gold-like dazzle.

Cufflinks used as an extension of one’s fashion style should match the occasion to be attended by the wearer. However, a personalized cufflink can work well with any occasion. They can be used for formal occasions like weddings and proms or for everyday use at the office. These accessories reflect how a man hones in on to tiny details in life or how he prizes his look.

Personalized gunmetal cufflinks are the perfect gift for your man because you want your husband, partner, father brother, son or friend to look confident and self-assured.