Personalized Monogram Wine Bottle Medallions Set of 2

Personalized Monogram Wine Bottle Medallions Set of 2

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A glimmering bottle medallion traditionally connotes excellence and exceptional distinctiveness to wine or champagne. But a personalized monogram wine bottle medallion makes a gift special for a special person.

Giving wines as a gift had been a traditional way to pay reverence and warmth to a person. After all, a toast of wine is a customary way to celebrate a long-lasting friendship.

However, simply giving an ordinary wine can create a wrong impression. An inexpensive or bargained wine can be offensive. Some may associate the value of the wine with how you value a person. In more practical terms, it may take your friend’s taste too lightly.

With a Personalized Monogram Wine Bottle Medallion however, your wine gift can be made precious and cherished. The monogram that displays the name of the owner of the wine makes it special because it creates a sense of exclusivity. It impresses the idea that the bottle of wine was specially made for that person.

The medallion per se has no kind of magic attached to it. It does not transform the wine into an expensive wine. However, it has the power to make things special because it pushes people to believe they are special.

Wines can be a very special and invaluable gift. And this distinction can be achieved by attaching a
bottled gift with a Personalized Monogram Wine Bottle Medallion.

  • Measurement: 2 1/4" x 1/16"
  • FREE Personalization: 2 lines up to 20 characters per line.
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